Developing Your inner Psychic

Have you ever known something ahead of time?

· Been thinking of someone right before they call?

· Had a sinking feeling right before you received bad news?

· Do you follow your intuition, your inner voice?

· Do you sometimes hear songs in your head that, when you listen closely tell you something about what you are feeling or pondering?

· Are you interested in knowing how to develop your intuition and have it work for you?

If you are reading this article, the answer to at least one of these questions is likely to be yes.  In fact, most of us have the ability to tap in a level of information below the surface information. Many of us have been taught to close these abilities down in order to follow the dictates of the society around us.  It is a delicate balance to trust your intuition and navigate a world that does not always appear friendly to the intuitive way of life.  Being psychic, means being open to exploring other avenues of information.  We would all be in deep trouble, if we relied entirely on the words of others to guide our lives.  We need to respect our bodies, minds and spirits and honor them for the wisdom they bring to guide us. At Innerlandscape, we offer a course experience to help open these doors a bit further and explore our own inner terrain.  Knowing yourself will increase your intuitive abilities.  You will be better able to discern your own wisdom from the opinions or wisdom of others.

 In the typology work, based on the theories of the psychoanalyst, C.G.Jung, intuitive types account for a small fraction of the general population.  They tend to do better in conceptual creative fields and are very uncomfortable with routine.  They can get a great deal of work done in burst of activity, but are not happy showing up day after day to perform repetitive activities.  It is hard to be in world full of differing expectations; yet the world would be even more challenging without the structure that the sensate types provide.  We need to strive for balance, a flexible structure; so, all that intuition and creativity has a place to be respected and come to fruition.  If you are curious to know about Jungian Typology please visit.

Here are some simple steps to improve your trust in your intuition and develop your inner psychic.

· MEDITATE This is the essential practice to develop intuition and calm the mind and soul.  This will not take away your passion or creativity but enhance your abilities to discern meaningful information and bring your creative visions to fruition. Try to meditate at least twice a day 20 minutes in the morning before you begin your day and 20 minutes in the evening to drop all unnecessary concerns before taking them into dream land.

· KEEP IT SIMPLE. Sometimes the mind can be overrun with information, especially around holidays, when there are expectations, sentiments and desires that are overflowing from peoples’ minds and emotions.  Intuitive types can easily become overloaded and no longer have clear access to their own information. It is easy to start confusing your information with others.  Sensate types can be so dedicated to the rules, duties and expectations that they forget to take time for themselves.

· PACE YOURSELF with social interactions.  Don’t attend too many parties or stay too long.  Consider wearing a hat. The crown chakra at the top of your head will be happy with a little more protecting at active times of the year.  

· EAT RIGHT AND EXERCISE.  Your body is your vessel your temple. At Innerlandscape we call it your CPS, Cosmic Positioning System.   Intuitive people often try and dull the information overload with drugs, alcohol, or overeating.  It is important to have a clean mind and body in order to process information.  As meditation clears the mental and emotional bodies, there is no substitute for health nutrition and gentle exercise to keep the mind body and spirit in harmony.

· LISTEN to your body and its messages.  If you have been rough on your body there may be a healing crisis in order to come back in balance be gentle and good to yourself.  We often get sick when we begin a health promoting practice.  Our body needs to rid itself of toxins that have accumulated from less healthful practices.  Work with a health professional for support and consultation and treatment when necessary.

· NURTURE your soul refrain from adding harsh influences.  Try and surround yourself with inspiring people, and information.  Turn off irritating music, news, or images.  Surround yourself with stories of inspiration and contentment.

· Take a break from things that bring you down. It is ok to be happy and surround yourself with uplifting images.  To access psychic information, we need to stay grounded and look up above the noise and chaos.

· If you are tired …REST.  Time for rest and assimilation is often overlooked by those trying to reach new levels of insight and information.  There is a cycle to learning that includes a rest and relaxation phase.  We need to absorb information for it to be integrated and have meaning.

· LISTEN to your dreams of messages that are repeated throughout your day.  There could be valuable messengers trying to capture your attention.  Many cultures have honored the existence of guides and signs appearing to us through out the day and night time journey.  Learning about symbolic communication opens new pathways to wisdom and understanding.

· EMBRACE spontaneity and honor synchronicity, when the right person, place or thing appears on your path.

· TRUST.  When your intuition guides you and you get that sense of what is right in a given situation trust yourself.  As long as you do no harm and treat others with compassion and respect, your journey will be guided and blessed.  Your intuition can guide you, if you open up and give it the chance.

· RESPECT others. Know that your answer may not be the right one for anyone other than yourself.  When asked for advice, consider deeply what is being asked. Offer what you think is compassionate and relevant and then, let it go.  Do not be attached to the outcome.