SIT comfortably in an upright position.  Notice your breath. Follow its rhythm slowly inhaling and exhaling gently. Bring the energy in through the top of your head, perhaps, noticing a sparkling, tingling sensation as it moves down the spine to your sit bones and all the way down your legs through the soles of your feet.  Then, slowly bring the energy back up through your feet, allow it to move up the front of your body with clear, nurturing earth energy.  Allow the sparkling crown energy combined with the clear earth energy to shower out around you, enveloping the space 18 inches above, below and around your space. When you feel calm and clear and centered, allow yourself to expand your field of vision. Look to the edges of your awareness. How do you feel as you move beyond your comfort zone.  If you already vibrate at a high energy and have trouble bringing your visions to fruition, increase the earth energy.  If you are a person, who feels that they need an extra boost to get moving, increase the crown energy.  Try to stay in this meditation for 15 - 30 minutes.