Seven Special Things to do for Yourself Today

Although it may be trite, it is true.  "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." You can choose today to begin the changes you have always longed to make and these changes will begin to manifest in your body, mind and spirit. All circumstances may change at a moment's notice without us knowing how or why.  We must trust enough to begin to support the changes that we would like to see in our lives. 

  1. 1. AFFIRM LIFE. Try waking up and greeting the day with a positive attitude of expectation.  Look at all of the people, places and  things you are grateful for and remember them throughout the day.  There is nothing more beautiful than gratitude.

  2. 2. BEGIN RECOVERY. If you have been participating in a life denying practice such as smoking, drugs, alcohol or compulsive behaviors that are leading you to places and people you would rather not know, today is the day you can stop.  Whatever behavior you have engaged in thus far has served a purpose. It may have relieved stress or provided a friend ,when you were lonely  of perhaps, it filled you up when you were feeling empty.  Whatever its purpose, you have learned and grown through the experience.  Thank the behavior for the experience and its lesson and move on.  Do not get caught in self recrimination.  It can take many beginnings before you really feel comfortable in a path of recovery.  Reach out for support but no the truest most constant strength is within you.  Your beauty will shine even brighter as you embrace your true self.

  3. 3. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE IMAGES.  We breathe in all of the energy around us.  If we are bombarded by negative news and images they will only add stress to our day.  Stress is not a beauty enhancement in any way shape or form.

  4. 4. EAT HEALTHY.  What this means may vary from person to person ,but it is generally recognized that the closer you eat your food in its natural state, i.e. fresh veggies and fruits and non-processed, organic foods, the better your health. Drink plenty of water, keeping hydrated is essential to good health.  When you hear unbelievable reports about the benefits of something that is not known to be health make sure to check the sources and who funded the research.

  5. 5. EXERCISE.  Nothing calms the mind like oxygen in the body. Take a walk. It does not have to be a long walk.  Just get outside for a few minutes and walk around the block.  The added bonus of being in nature is great for you!

  6. 6. BREATHE. Rosy cheeks and a healthy glow come from oxygen moving throughout your body.  Pay attention to your habits . Do you find yourself clenching your teeth or jaw?  Are there words you'd like to get out but can't? Write them down, then tear them up and let them go. Take a moment relax your face, open your jaw and place your tongue gently between your two front teeth.  This is a point for relaxation. A face free of worry, anger and resentment carries more beauty.

  7. 7. MEDITATE.  Time for silence and reflection is crucial to understanding, growth , beauty and wisdom.  Your eyes " the gateway to the soul", reflect this inner knowing.  Take 15-30 minutes upon awakening and 15-30 minutes before sleep to be quiet and allow yourself to just be.