Sun Salute


Time: At least one hour outdoors

Exercise 1: Take time to sit outside quietly and feel the environment around you.  Which direction is the wind blowing?  What message might it carry for you from this direction?   If you were one of our winged friends, where would this wind take you next?  Arise, spread your wings and fly with the wind being carried softly on its changing breeze. Take yourself for a walk in a new direction.  If possible, begin by heading from the east to south to west to north and return.  It does not have to be a new route or new place.  It can be somewhere where you are already comfortable.  Approach it with a new awareness.  You may choose to simply walk a circular path around your block or in your yard.  Make yourself comfortable with doing new things.  The goal is to be gentle in the welcoming of spirit.

Exercise 2: Sun Salute

Purpose: Overall well being, balancing energy and benefits the major vital organs and is tri doshic cleansing and clearing

Done facing East .

Come to the top of your mat standing position bring hands to heart in a prayer position shoulders relaxed. Connect down through the soles of your feet. Visualize stretching up the crown of your head. Visualize the sun, the warmth and clearing energy .

Keep a softness across the heart. Take a deep breath palms together top of the inhale reach for the sky palms touch.
Exhale as you drop into the forward bend, draw the lower belly into your core, softening the knees, lengthening the spine.

Inhale. Stretch the right leg back into a lunge making sure to align the front knee over the ankle in a 90* position. allow the back knee to be strong and straight but not locked. Keep the hips high and gluts engaged. In the lunge, there is tendency to drop the hips which creates unnecessary strain on the lower back.

Exhale. Take front leg bring into dog pose on hands and knees , inhale.

As you exhale, drop your knee and dip with the chest into the floor lying on the mat squeeze your gluts.

Inhale. Press the pubic bone for a strong pelvic tilt into Cobra stretching out through spine.

Exhale back into dog pose

Inhale. bring right foot to the front

Exhale lunge align knee over ankle and bring the left the to the top of the mat inhale as you raise up through the spine reaching for the sun. Exhale hands to heart. Repeat this exercise for the completion of a sun salute.